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November 6, 2009

Back with a vengeance?

Filed under: Pop rock — Alisa Hathaway @ 10:18 pm

Maybe. It’s possible I just felt compelled to review Tegan and Sara’s new release from last week, Sainthood.


Tegan and Sara have been making music much longer than they’ve been on public (or at least snooty indie kid) radar. I personally caught on in the So Jealous days, and tracks like “Walking with a Ghost” and “Speak Slow” made me thank God there was still catchy folk-pop in the world.  Then, they released The Con, and I got a chance to catch them live with City and Colour. Let me just say that I’m glad Canada ain’t too far away.  The Con was moodier and definitely more single-driven (who the hell hasn’t heard “Back in Your Head”?) but it’s obvious these tiny twins are progressing naturally in their music, drawing inspiration from teen angst, relationships, and all those other things we’ll never tire of hearing songs about.

On to Sainthood. The first track, “Arrow,” starts out suprisingly heavy and synthy, two sounds that the Quinn twins have dabbled with but haven’t yet used to this degree. The album progresses cohesively, with the reflective lows and catchy highs of a good mixtape.  Standouts include the single, “Hell,” the dancy “Northshore,” and piano-driven “Alligator.”  Tracks like “The Cure” are familiar Tegan and Sara without seeming stale.

Then again, I’m easy to please. Makes for biased reviewing.

Check out their live performance from The Late Show with Conan O’Brien yourself:



Happy listening! I may make another appearance to review Brand New’s Daisy when the mood strikes.


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  1. You’re so lucky you’ve seen them perform. I live half around the globe and I just love them. I can’t stop listening to The Con and Nineteen. They’re really good. Just waiting ’til we move to Canada.

    Comment by geek — November 15, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

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